Dear Relatives and Friends

I hope you are all keeping well. I am happy to say that our staff and residents remain sign and symptom free. I know you are all keen to know what is going to happen regarding visiting your loved ones especially during another lock down.

We have now had screens installed in our conservatory so our visiting will commence as from Tuesday 10th November. Visiting remains by appointment only at the same times as before which are 10am to midday, 2.30 to 3.30, 4 until 5.30pm and 7 until 8pm. Also, a maximum of two visitors per resident. At present no physical contact is allowed and you will have a screen in-between you both however, we are looking to purchase tests which issue a result in 15 minutes. These would be great as if the result was negative you could give your relative a hug or hold their hand which I believe is extremely important for the wellbeing of our residents especially those living with a Dementia. I will of course keep you updated.

I know this is a really difficult time and we are all doing everything we can to reduce the risk of Covid coming into our home and I want to thank you for all your patience and support.

Kindest Regards